DNS:  Wireless Communications Made Easy

A Customer's Story

When the retail chain Dick's Sporting Goods was struggling to set up a wireless data back-up system that could expand as the chain grew, it turned to DNS Wireless at the recommendation of Sprint. DNS went to one of the chain's Ohio stores in early January 2008, identified available cell towers and tested a variety of equipment, then…continue reading

What DNS can do for you

DNS is a full service installation, enhancement and maintenance solutions provider for Wireless voice and data. Offering wireless WAN, voice and data and wireless signal solutions to meet your requirements whether it is for a corporate infrastructure, professional office, mobile professional or distributed remote sites.

We specialize in managing all the back office details associated with designing, provisioning and maintaining the wireless assets and mobile services critical to your enterprise. Outsourcing these details to us sharpens an organization's effectiveness by ensuring that all in-house resources focus on its core mission. DNS Wireless brings experience in wireless WAN Disaster Recovery / Backup, wireless in-building signal enhancement, Integrated Antenna solutions and mobile professional wireless solutions. We connect all pieces of your wireless enterprise.

In addition to wireless solutions, DNS also provides targeted solutions for cost reduction and efficiency opportunities within IT Organizations and professional offices.

For IT Organizations

DNS Wireless provides IT Best Practices consulting services using a business perspective that gets beyond an assessment maturity number.  Instead, our sweet-spot is diagnosing your business challenges, identifying a value opportunity roadmap and implementing solutions that improve business alignment while reducing overall ownership cost. We have expertise in COBIT, ITIL and e-TOM. However, we prescribe a roadmap with solutions that target your business imperative and presented in your business language.

For professional offices

DNS Wireless offers M-pay Medical Solution and speech recognition for reducing costs and improving efficiency in the office. M-pay makes it easier, faster, and less costly to collect on the full patient obligations up front. It also helps patients better anticipate their total costs up front so they can make the proper payment arrangements before or when the service is delivered. Speech recognition eliminates the deciphering of hand written notes and the frustration of attempting to quickly transcribe thoughts into documents. With voice recognition finally at a point where it is literally writing as fast as speech accurately and with all professional terminology included; speech recognition has become the next frontier in reducing costs and improving overall efficiency.

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